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  1. hedonism
  2. traumatic
  3. discursive
  4. saturnalian
  5. apprise
  1. a [Fr. apprendre= to learn, teach] (vt) to give notice to; to tell; to inform of; to make someone aware
  2. b (n) the belief that the attainment of pleasure is life's chief aim; devotion to or pursuit of pleasure
  3. c [L. dis=away + currere=to run] (adj.) 1. digressing from subject to subject; rambling. 2. (of speech or writing) fluid and expansive rather than formulaic or abbreviated. 3. related to discourse (any lengthy exploration of a topic in speech/writing)
  4. d [Gk. trauma=wound] (adj) emotionally distressing
  5. e [L. saturnalia: ancient Roman festival of Saturn the god of agriculture] (adj) characterized by wild, riotous, unrestrained partying, revelry, licentiousness

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  1. [L. ex=out + fetus=fruitful] (adj) weak, lacking wholesome vigor/energy; having lost character, vitality, or strength; worn-out or exhausted; sterile or unable to produce; out-of-date
  2. [L. prurire=itching, longing] (adj.) having or inspiring an excessive interest in sexual matters
  3. [OF railler=to mock] (n) banter, good-natured ridicule, teasing
  4. (adj) fond of making jokes; characteristic of a joker; playfully humorous or droll (having a wonderful sparkling wit)
  5. [L. aboriri=miscarry] (adj) failing to accomplish an intended aim or purpose; only partially/imperfectly developed

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  1. internecine[L. inter=between + necare=to kill] (adj) mutually destructive; characterized by great slaughter and bloodshed


  2. obfuscate[OE bana=killer] (n) the source or cause of death, destruction, or ruin; death or ruin itself


  3. maladroit[OIt. poltro=foal] (n) a base coward (adj) characterized by complete cowardice


  4. modulate[L. fuscus=dark] (vt) to render obscure, unclear, or unintelligible; bewilder


  5. eleemosynary[L. casus=case] (n) deceptive, over-subtle, or false reasoning; the determination of right and wrong in specific questions of conduct by the application of general ethical principles


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