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  1. spontaneous generation
  2. List the factors necessary for bacterial growth and indicate the purpose of each one.
  3. Anton van Leeuwenhoek
  4. glycocalyx
  5. darkfield
  1. a the idea that living things come from nonliving things
  2. b Image is viewed against a dark backround.
  3. c Essential organic nutrients & Not synthesized by the microscope and must be supplemented
  4. d father of microscopy-developed powerful microscopes-first to see and write about bacteria, years plants, living organisms in drop of water and circulation of blood corpuscles in capillaries
  5. e a capsule made up of a fuzzy coat of sticky sugars

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  1. an organism that can grow in, or favors environments that have very high salt concentrations
  2. The germ theory of Diseases was created out of studies showing that showed human diseases arise from infection, not such things as personality or religious punishment. Koch used the theory to create 4 postuates: isolate the organism & identified, grew it, gave it to new host, and reisolated it & identified it again. These postulates helped established the discovery of Bacillius anthracis- better know as Anthrax.
  3. a compartment in gram-negative bacteria that lies between the outer and cytoplamic membranes
  4. microbiologist started to organize bacteria
  5. steps necessary to ensure an environment free from pathogens

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  1. flagellawhip-like structure used for motility


  2. parasitologystudy of parasites


  3. binary fissionthe interval between exposure to infection and the appearance of the first symptom


  4. mycology(microbiology) a group of organisms grown from a single parent cell


  5. fluorescenceability to glow under ultraviolet light


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