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  1. hairline fracture
  2. hamstrings
  3. cardiac muscle
  4. quadriplegia
  5. quadriceps
  1. a an injury to the upper part of the spinal cord resulting in the loss of use in arms and legs
  2. b incomplete; two parts of the bone do not separate
  3. c front of the upper leg muscles
  4. d back of the upper leg muscle
  5. e type of striated muscle that forms the wall of the heart

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  1. results from a sharp blow or the twisting of a joint
  2. a fibrous cord that attaches muscle to the bone
  3. an injury to the lower part of the spinal cord resulting in loss of use in legs
  4. a lateral, or side-to-side curvature of the spine
  5. hip or shoulder

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  1. irregular bonesscapula and shoulder blade


  2. trapeziusback of the upper arm muscles


  3. bicepsfront of upper arm muscles


  4. Cerebral palsya group of nonprogressive neurological disorders that are the result of damage to the brain before, during or just after birth or in early childhood.


  5. smooth musclesact on the lining of passageways and internal organs


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