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  1. disabuse
  2. precept
  3. demagogue
  4. heinous
  5. extricate
  1. a principle, maxim; a rule of conduct or action
  2. b disentangle, extract, disengage; free from entanglements, to remove with effort
  3. c a leader who exploits popular prejudices and false claims;rabble-rouser, firebrand
  4. d very wicked, offensive; evil, odious, abominable, outrageous
  5. e to free from deception or error; undeceive, enlighten, set straight

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  1. taken for granted; self-evident
  2. gather, deduce, presume, guess, speculate
  3. a general pardon for an offense against the government
  4. rumble, thunder, boom, echo
  5. to change from one nature to another; transform, convert, translate, metamorphose

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  1. bizarregenial, amicable, agreeable, cordial ;


  2. sepulchraldoleful, lugubrious, mortuary; funeral, typical of the tomb, extremely gloomy or dismal


  3. fractiousperformed or suffered by one person in place of another; surrogate, substitute, imagined, seconhanded


  4. vapidambience, atmosphere


  5. equitablenot subject to change, constant; unchangeable, unalterable, fixed, invariable


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