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  1. Why was June 14th the happiest day of Hitler's life? How is it related to what Germany experienced in WWI? (1940)
  2. Was Leningrad a siege or a battle?
  3. What happened to Hitler at the end of the war?
  4. What was the bloodiest battle ever fought in history?
  5. What country was cut off the map of Europe by the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact in 1939?
  1. a Battle of Stalingrad.
  2. b The capture of Paris; (France surrendered to Germany in the same place in WWII as the place where Germany surrendered to France in WWI)
  3. c Sudentenland
  4. d Suicide.
  5. e Siege

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  1. USSR
  2. Target Leningrad and Stalingrad to dishearten the communists.
  3. Submarines (US U-boats)
  4. Battle of the Bulge; (Hitler fails)
  5. Denmark and Finland

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  1. What two events strengthened the bond between the US and Great Britain in 1941?Guadalcanal and Tarawa


  2. On what two islands did the United States defeat Japan in 1943?To force surrender


  3. What country built the Maginot Line? Did it successfully serve its purpose?WWII may be worse for Germany than WWI


  4. Why did the Axis lose in North Africa in 1943?To force surrender


  5. What happened at the Yalta Conference?Post- war borders of Germany


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