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  1. (adj.) hungry, very eager
  2. (n.) a wide, unbroken, view
  3. irascible
  4. pilfer
  5. comatose
  1. a mad, easily angered, hot-tempered
  2. b to steal insignificant items
  3. c panorama
  4. d ravenous
  5. e unconscious, inactive

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  1. echo, repeat all around
  2. itinerary
  3. libation
  4. gregarious
  5. to make copies of

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  1. to banish, to not includeostracize


  2. a large, destructive, fire,burning fever, violent conflictconflagration


  3. a waiting line, especially of people or vehiclequeue


  4. a dark outline against a light backgroundsilhouette


  5. one in a series of levelsamalgam


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