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  1. Group 7A (aka Group 17); never found alone in nature; make -1 ions; Fluoride (F) and Chloride (Cl) are gases at room temperature; Bromine (Br) and Iodine (I) are liquids at room temperature; Astatine (At) is not a halogen
  2. Protons and neutrons, make up most of the mass of the atom, extremely dense
  3. Group 1A (aka Group 1); low density, soft, never found alone in nature, reacts with water, make +1 ions, hydrogen is not an alkali metal
  4. weighted average of all the isotopes
  5. Discovered the neutron, worked on the Manhattan Project during WWII
  6. Group 8A (aka Group 18); all inert (non-reactive) gases; always found alone in nature; all other elements strive to have a noble gas configuration

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  1. Representative ElementsGroups 3-12


  2. Inner Transition MetalsGroups 3-12


  3. Ernest RutherfordDiscovered that the nucleus was positive, mostly empty space, and very dense. Also discovered the proton. Performed the Gold Foil Experiment


  4. Transition ElementsGroups 3-12


  5. Isotopessame element with different number of neutrons


  6. Atomic Mass Unit (AMU)1 AMU is 1/12 of the mass of C-12


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