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  1. fetching
  2. expansion slot
  3. CAD
  4. editing
  5. field
  1. a process of making changes in the content
  2. b a socketon the motherboard that can hold an adapter card
  3. c single fact, such as someone's address
  4. d Computer Aided Design,software that allows engineers, scientists, and architects to design machines, products, and buildings on the computer. creating 3D graphic planes
  5. e the process of obtaining a program instruction or data item from memory

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  1. A coding scheme that attempts to represent characters in most of the world's languages using 2 bytes for each one.
  2. act as electrical switches
  3. the portion of the page outside the main body of text, including the top, bottom, and the sides of the paper
  4. the point which a peripheral attaches to or communicates with a system unit so that the peripheral can send data toor receieve info from the computer
  5. contains a collection of related facts

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  1. spreadsheet softwarepersonal computers, game consoles, and mobile devices which includes interactive games, videos, and other programs designed to support a hobby or provide enjoyment


  2. Volatile MemoryMust be continually re-energized by the computer in order to hold its contents. Should that computer be turned off or lose power, the contents of any volatile memory will be lost.


  3. desktop publishing softwarehelps companies record and report their financail transactions


  4. terabyte1,024 bytes


  5. ROM MemoryRead Only Memory and indicates that the memory in a question is non-volatile and cannot be changed under normal use.


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