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  1. which artery is located at T12-L2 and if tied off in abdominal surgery can cause lower body parylysis
  2. what connects the cerebellum to the brainstem
  3. what is being described when an axon exits and ends up anterior to vertrbal column around the aorta and unpaired as postganglionic
  4. if the concentration of potassium is 10x greater in compartment 1 than compartment 2 where will the potassium move to
  5. why is is that bllod supply can be affected in certain areas of the internal capsule under certain circumstances
  1. a artery of adamkiewicz
  2. b different blood sources exist for the various compartments
  3. c prevertrbral ganglia
  4. d cerebellar peduncle
  5. e compartment 2

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  1. paralysis
  2. lamina 7
  3. encephalocele
  4. dorsal tier
  5. active flux

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  1. at rest which of the ions is more permeable to the membraneinternal carotid blood supply
    vertibrobasilar blood supply


  2. how many total spinal nerves are theretrochlear nerve


  3. what is the most common infrateentorial herniationtonsillar herniation


  4. even though the cerebellum comes from the alar plate what is its primary functionpathway


  5. what usually forms onto a spinegyrus


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