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  1. Amendment 8
  2. Amendment 25
  3. Amendment 21
  4. Luther
  5. Aquinas
  1. a To reform the church from the outside.
  2. b Repealed prohibition
  3. c Christianized Aristotle.
  4. d Excessive bail, fines and punishment prohibited
  5. e Succession to the Presidency

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  1. amābō
    (ābis, ābit)
  2. Gift of economic aid to European nations in order to prevent the spread of communism.
  3. Abolition of Slavery
  4. To reform the church from the inside.
  5. undique

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  1. Article 5Method of Amendment


  2. Pluperfect Indicative Activeamāveram
    (āverās, āverat)


  3. learn, find outlongē


  4. Article 1Legislative Branch


  5. arrive (on, at, in, until)amābor
    (āberis, ābitur)


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