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  1. Rapport
  2. Chicanery
  3. Magnanimous
  4. Emulate
  5. Noxious
  1. a harmful, unwholesome
  2. b relationship of trust and respect
  3. c to try to equal; to imitate
  4. d trickery, deception, fraud
  5. e generous, noble in spirit

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  1. deception, dishonestly, double-dealing
  2. huge force destroying everything in its path
  3. ineffective, careless, irresponsible
  4. producing a full, rich sound
  5. an underlying base or foundation

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  1. Susceptibleopen or subject to; easily influenced or affected by


  2. Gaucheblue color of a cloudless sky


  3. Raptdeeply absorbed


  4. Blatantglaring, obvious, showy


  5. Tenuousstupid; foolishly self-satisfied


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