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  1. Libertine
  2. Scourge
  3. bravura
  4. Assail
  5. annul
  1. a a cause of widespread punishment or pestilence N/VB-to punish
  2. b a person unrestrained in conviction or morality. N
  3. c attack violently with blows or words VB
  4. d to reduce to nothing, obliterate, cancel V
  5. e a display of daring esp. in music, a brilliant performance N

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  1. without emotion, apathetic, unmoved, calm, serene ADJ
  2. praise highly, glorify VB
  3. lying on the back face upward, inactive, passive, inert ADJ
  4. contemptible or despicable ADJ
  5. a living being, a creature, esp. a human N

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  1. Artifaceclever or artful skill, ingenuity. N


  2. lavishmarked by excess, abundant, liberal, prodigal ADJ


  3. Surmiseto lie at rest, to lie dead, to take rest. V


  4. Hoarycautious, hesitant of danger. ADJ


  5. indignantlate ADJ


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