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  1. pulchritude
  2. Implicate
  3. indiscernible
  4. fiduciary
  5. Conflagration
  1. a relating to the governing of property or estate on behalf of others
  2. b To involve or connect unfavourably
  3. c difficult or impossible to discern
  4. d A large; destructive five
  5. e physical beauty

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  1. patronizing
  2. resentment
  3. an unnecessary, wasteful project
  4. calm and unemotional
  5. a regret

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  1. reciprocateto impress upon or teach someone by repetition


  2. inculcateto impress upon or teach someone by repetition


  3. DraconianExtremely harsh; very severe


  4. virulentextremely infectious or poisonous


  5. FloridTo confuse; to perplex


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