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  1. skeletal activity
  2. cortisol
  3. instinct
  4. William James
  5. ocular activity
  1. a is a stress hormone associated with poor intellectual functioning, negative affect, and poor health outcomes
  2. b eye behaviour- pupil size (extent of mental activity), eye (changing cognitive states), and eye movements (reflective thought)
  3. c activity of the musculature, as with facial expressions (emotion) and bodily gestues (desire to leave)
  4. d was the first psychologist the popularize the instinct theory
  5. e is motivation focusing on the mechanistic by explaining unlearned behaviour that has energy and purpose

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  1. learning responce-outcome contingencies that underlie perceived control beliefs and mastery motivation
  2. autonomy, competence, relatedness
  3. an evironmental event that attracts or repels a person toward or away from initiating a particular course of action
  4. brain center for appetite regulation
  5. is the theory that behaviour is motivated to the extent that it served the needs of the organism and restored a biological homeostasis

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  1. pysiological needsthey are inherent within the workings of biological systems ex., thirst, hunger, and sex


  2. orbitofrontal cortexpleasure center associated with sociability, sexuality


  3. testosteroneany offering from one person given to another in exchange for his or her service or achievement


  4. hypothalamusbehaviour inhibition system during unexpected events


  5. cerebral cortex (frontal lobes)making plans, setting goals, formulating intentions


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