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  1. red herring
  2. scuttle
  3. commend
  4. argot
  5. dupe
  1. a to take advantage of people by tricking or fooling them; someone tricked and taken advantage of
  2. b to give approval or praise
  3. c something that draws attention away from the main issue
  4. d the informal, specialized vocabulary or expressions of a particular group
  5. e to run or more with short, hurried movements; to scurry

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  1. false or fake; adopted or assumed in order to deceive; imanginary; unreal; relating to fiction
  2. great praise; an award
  3. a victory that is offset by staggering losses or that comes at a huge price
  4. gloomy and sullen
  5. related to cooking or kitchens

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  1. broachto bring up a subject for discussion


  2. reputablebeyond doubt or question; certain


  3. archaicno longer used or applicable; ancient


  4. quibbleto criticize, argue, or rause objections over something unimportant; an unimportant complaint


  5. disputableto discourage from doing something through persuasion


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