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  1. what is the term for a pathways reļ¬ned via strenghtening/weaening of synapses
  2. associated with the growth cone what is responsible for directing the path of axonal extension
  3. what is the term for the finer delineation of neurons to specific characters
  4. which neurotrophic factor binds to trk a
  5. which type of transport (anterograde/retrograde) is responsible for the repair of downstream targets
  1. a differentation
  2. b NGF
  3. c filopodia
  4. d synapse rearrangment
  5. e anterograde

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  1. increase lipophicity
  2. area postrema
  3. modulation
  4. after capillary differentation
  5. pathfinding

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  1. passive principle of synaptic integration states that larger neurons have____resting membrane resistance and_____capacitancelower


  2. the use of l-dopa to cross the bbb is an example of what type of processpericyte


  3. blockage of what will help keep a drug in the brain for a longer time framep-gp


  4. what is the component of endothelial cells of bbb that provide continuos physical barriertight junction


  5. which cells of the bbb are known to lack pinocytotic vesiclesmarginal layer


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