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  1. Subject matter expert (SME)
  2. Inventory
  3. Human Resource Information System
  4. Bill
  5. Product
  1. a Proposal presented to a legislative body for possible enactment as a law.
  2. b What an organization sells to make a profit.
  3. c Person who is well versed in the content of a human resource development program.
  4. d Systematic tool for gathering, storing maintaining, retrieving, and revising HR data.
  5. e To an operations department, an organization's major asset after physical buildings and equipment.

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  1. Occurs when a creditor obtains a court order requiring an employer to attach an employee's earnings in order to pay back a debt.
  2. Projection of future demand based on a past relationship, involves a single variable.
  3. Group of people born after 1980.
  4. Case in which Supreme Court held that University of Michigan's law school admission program was sufficiently "narrowly tailored" to consider race as a factor in admission dicisions in order to achieve goal of a diverse student body.
  5. Design of formal systems in an organization that ensure the effective and efficient use of human talent to accomplish organizational goals.

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  1. Asynchronous learningType of e-learning in which participants interact together in real time.


  2. Zero-based budgetingForm of budgeting that requires that expenditures be justified for each new period and in which budgets start at zero.


  3. Reasonable accommodationModifying job application process, work environment, or circumstances under which job is performed to enable a qualified individual with a disability to be considered for the job and perform its essential functions.


  4. CorrelationMeasure that indicates the relationship between two variables.


  5. Visual learnersPeople who learn best by relying on their sense of hearing.


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