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  1. 6. Define the importance of the scientific method with respect to the theory of spontaneous generation
  2. What is Bergey's Manual?
  3. mesophile
  4. Edward Jenner
  5. virology
  1. a the study of viruses and viral diseases
  2. b developed a vaccine for smallpox
  3. c Spontaneous generation is a theory that claims living organisms derive from non living or decomposing matter. In order to test this theory you must go through the scientific method to test it. First have your hypothesis then conduct the experiment, record your results, and finally have a conclusion or proof of your theory.
  4. d The published source for bacterial classification
  5. e Organism that prefers moderate temperatures (20-45C); we are the perfect temp for these organisms

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  1. discovered the first antibacterial agent, a compound effective against the spirochete that causes syphilis
  2. essential organic compounds an organism is unable to synthesize; must be directly obtained from the environment; vitamins
  3. bacteria that survives in temperatures from 45 C-110 C; grows in very hot conditions
  4. a capsule made up of a fuzzy coat of sticky sugars
  5. father of microscopy-developed powerful microscopes-first to see and write about bacteria, years plants, living organisms in drop of water and circulation of blood corpuscles in capillaries

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  1. pathogenicdisease causing


  2. List and define the five methods of culturing microorganismsLag Phase, Exponential Phase, Stationary Phase, Death Phase


  3. lyophilizationthe interval between exposure to infection and the appearance of the first symptom


  4. aseptic techniquesteps necessary to ensure an environment free from pathogens


  5. brothliquid media used for growing cells


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