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  1. standard
  2. reputable
  3. ravenous
  4. jovial
  5. semantics
  1. a jolly; filled with good cheer
  2. b extremely hungry
  3. c the study of meaning and word interpretation; the exact meaning of a word
  4. d conforming to the established language used by educated speakers; something established as a measure of quality
  5. e having a good reputation; well thought of; honorable or trustworthy

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  1. a detailed review; an evaluation; to review, discuss, or evaluate
  2. widespread destruction and devastation; chaos and disorder
  3. to prevent or discourage from acting, by means of fear or doubt
  4. false or fake; adopted or assumed in order to deceive; imanginary; unreal; relating to fiction
  5. no longer used or applicable; ancient

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  1. gapeto stare in amazement, often with the mouth wide open


  2. procrastinatea detailed review; an evaluation; to review, discuss, or evaluate


  3. beholdto gaze or look upon


  4. debutto prove to be false or invalid; to deny the accuracy or truth of


  5. overturea piece of music intended to introduce a longer work; an act or offer showing readiness to form a relationship or negotiate


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