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  1. Carthage
  2. Pogroms
  3. Thomas Aquinas
  4. Gaius Marius
  5. Denarius
  1. a Jews were subject to these violent attacks
  2. b the powerful city the interfered with Roman access to the Mediterranean
  3. c the Silver coin of the Roman Empire
  4. d professionalized the Roman Army.
  5. e argued that the most basic religious truths could be proved by logical argument.

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  1. People of this profession helped spread the plague along the trade routes of Asia to southern Asia, southwest Asia and Africa.
  2. issued the bull that set up the tribunal court system to try heretics
  3. a system of farming developed in
    medieval Europe
  4. the only real sources about the life and teachings of Jesus
  5. the expansion of trade and
    business that transformed European economies during the16th and 17th centuries.

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  1. Philip IIthe word for leather tent in Latin


  2. Nicaeawhat was the first enemy city confronted by the Crusaders


  3. Bubonic Plaguethe everyday language of people in a region or country.


  4. JerusalemThe Crusades were fought to recapture this important city.


  5. Children's CrusadeTried to recapture Jerusalem 1212 . Almost all were killed or enslaved.


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