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  1. Licentious
  2. Lassitude
  3. aver
  4. concede
  5. Assail
  1. a lacking in moral restraint. AJD
  2. b to assert of affirm, to declare in a positive manner V
  3. c surrender or yield, something that one possesses V
  4. d attack violently with blows or words VB
  5. e a condition of weariness or sloth. ADJ

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  1. showing or suggesting a courageous spirit or nobility
  2. lay aside, slacken in diligence V
  3. nickname. N
  4. friendship, peaceful harmony, mutual peace between nations. N
  5. arousing or deserving hatred or repugnance. ADJ

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  1. Harrowto disturb, torment or vex VB/ADJ


  2. cankeran evil cancer, menace, or bane N, to infect, to corrupt the spirit V


  3. solacecomfort in times of grief, sadness, or disappointment; consolation or support


  4. invectivethat which undermines ADJ


  5. peccadilloa slight offense N


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