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  1. testosterone
  2. 3 essential hormones underlying motivation, emotion, and behaviour
  3. brain activity
  4. environmental event
  5. aroused motivation
  1. a stimulated hypothalamus creates the psychological experience of hunger
  2. b activation of brain structures such as the amygdala (fear) or the prefrontal cortex (setting goals)
  3. c is a stress hormone associated with high sexual motivation and underlies the mating effort
  4. d Ex: food deprivation
  5. e cortisol, testosterone, oxytocin

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  1. is consciously experienced motivational state that readies the person to perform behaviours necessary to replenish a water deficit
  2. activity of the musculature, as with facial expressions (emotion) and bodily gestues (desire to leave)
  3. is information provided by a person, such as through a survey or interview
  4. learning the incentive value of events, making choices
  5. external, introjected, identified, and intergrated

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  1. psychological needsthey are inherent within the strivings of human nature and heathly development ex., autonomy, competence, relatedness


  2. sex______ motivation rises and falls in responce to a host of factors, including hormones, external stimulation, external cues, cognitive scripts, sexual schemas, and evolutionary process


  3. brain structureghrelin stimulates hypothalamus


  4. cortisolis a stress hormone associated with poor intellectual functioning, negative affect, and poor health outcomes


  5. nucleus accumbensbrain center for appetite regulation


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