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  1. What did the Missouri Compromise do?
  2. Amendment 25
  3. Berkeley
  4. What were 2 benefits of the Spanish/American War?
  5. Amendment 22
  1. a U.S. acquired the Phillipines, the quick victory caused national pride. (European nations viewed U.S. as a first-class world power, with international interests.)
  2. b No material world outside of human conciousness.
  3. c Succession to the Presidency
  4. d Two term limit for Presidency
  5. e Missouri entered as a slave state, and Maine entered as a free state. It also balanced the slave and free states for thirty years. It prohibited slavery above the 36/30 line.

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  1. usque
  2. The Articles of the Confederation, which took effect in 1781.
  3. quī, quae, quod
    (relative pronouns)
  4. Beginning of Presidential/Congressional terms (Lame Duck)
  5. The idea that people should glorify their nation and their race through an aggressive show of force.

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  1. What did the Kansas Nebraska Act of 1854 do?It allowed settlers to decide on slavery, made KS and NE states. It also repealed the Missouri Compromise, and renewed controversy over slavery.


  2. pertain to, stretch toundique


  3. Amendment 4Limiting right of search and seizure


  4. Amendment 21Electoral College


  5. reinforcementsauxilia, auxiliōrum


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