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  1. coerce
  2. perpetuate
  3. stolid
  4. exhilarate
  5. benevolent
  1. a to enliven, cheer, give spirit or liveliness to
  2. b not easily moved mentally or emotionally; dull, unresponsive
  3. c to compel, force
  4. d kindly, charitable
  5. e to make permanent or long lasting

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  1. refined in manner or style, suave
  2. easily bent, flexible; easily influenced
  3. plowed but not seeded; inactive; reddish-yellow; land left unseeded; to plow but not seed
  4. a death, especially of a person in a lofty position
  5. an external appearance, cover, mask

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  1. harassCautiously, with great care


  2. extolto position or arrange; to utilize; to form up


  3. imperviousintended to deceive or entrap; sly, treacherous


  4. negligiblepossible, able to be done


  5. belligerentkindly, charitable


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