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  1. Gladius
  2. Julius Caesar
  3. Galea
  4. Hundred Years' War
  5. simony
  1. a This was launched by Edward III and brought a change in the style of warfare in Europe.
  2. b The Roman short sword
  3. c the Roman leader that suffered from epilepsy. Roman leader that said "The die is cast" and enslaved 500,000 people from Gaul after its conquest
  4. d the Latin word for Helmet
  5. e the selling or buying of a position in a Christian church

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  1. Today known as Istanbul
  2. the great Carthaginian leader
  3. one of the most famous Muslim leaders of the 1100s who wished to chase the Crusaders back into their own territories.
  4. invaded England in 1066.
  5. this battle would decide the Second Punic War in favor of the Romans.

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  1. Legionthe military unit of the Roman Empire were organized into these.


  2. MerchantsPeople of this profession helped spread the plague along the trade routes of Asia to southern Asia, southwest Asia and Africa.


  3. guilda medieval association of people working at the same occupation, which controlled its members wages and prices.


  4. Consulrelating to a style of church architecture that developed in medieval Europe, featuring ribbed vaults, stained glass windows, flying buttresses, pointed arches and tall spires.


  5. PogromsJews were subject to these violent attacks


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