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  1. tanakh
  2. phenomenology
  3. baptism
  4. Elohim
  5. liberal theology
  1. a christian thought in 19th/20th century accepting evolution and liblical criticism, stresing immaence of God, potential for good in humans and social gospel reforms
  2. b jewish holy scriptures, including torah, prophets and writings
  3. c to be dipped- chrisitan initiatory ritual and a sacrament. some see baptism as washing away the original sin inherited from Adam and Eve. others see an inititation into the church. Some baptize infants, others do not.
  4. d "gods" one of the names for the divine in Hebrew scriptures
  5. e a method of studying religions that suspends judgements of true or false and seeks to describe the universal structures of religion for the practioners, as in myth and ritual. Usually combined with the history of relgions that describes the particular conxtexts of various belife systems

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  1. a type of muslim sufi, the mevlevi order of mystics who dance in a circular whirl to achive an ecstatic trance and experience allah
  2. a mountain range in the Negeve desert out of israel
  3. a 4th century CE belief that Christ was a created human, not co eternal with God. Rejected by the church as heresy in the Nicene Creed phrases "begotten not made" and "of one substance with the Father"
  4. go forrth, the central roman catholic ritual always including eucharist, of celebnration adn worship of God, including song, prayer and scripture reading
  5. leader of hebrews from slavery in egypt who recieved the 10 com. at mt sinai and led them to canaan

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  1. decaloguethe 10 commandments in the biblical book of Exodus 20


  2. ayatollaha muslim religious and legal leader of the Shi'a tradition with great learning and righteousness


  3. ten commandmentsfirst of the 613 laws of the jewish torah, in exodus 20. some are thelogical and some are ethical


  4. minarettall tower beside many muslim mosques from which the muezzin calls out the believers to prayer


  5. council of trentroman catholic meetings in 1545-63 to reform the church and oppose new protestant teachings


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