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  1. hyper/functioning
  2. gluc/agons function
  3. hyposecretion
  4. hypo/functioning
  5. autonomic nervous system abbreviated
  1. a ANS
  2. b RAISE blood glucose levels, carries sugar from "cells to blood"
  3. c HIGH glucocorticoids, Cushings syndrome, abnormal fat deposition,hyperglycemia
  4. d dwarfism, too little HGH
  5. e LOW glucocorticoids, Addison's, hypoglycemia

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  1. calcitonin
  2. adrenal cortex; adrenal medulla
  3. not enough sugar in blood
  4. sella turcica of sphenoid bone
  5. insulin(beta cells) and glucagon(alpha cells)

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  1. aden/oerythropoietin


  2. two major sex hormones?FSH(stimulates ovaries and testes); LH (promotes ovulation)


  3. ovarian hormonesFSH(stimulates ovaries and testes); LH (promotes ovulation)


  4. prolactin PRL target tissuemammary glands


  5. hyper/thyroid/ismexcess levels of T4, T3


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