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  1. what is the only form of sympathetic ganglia (para/pre/supra) that will terminate at the sam level, ascend, descend
  2. what is responsible for membrane potential changes during an action potential
  3. which system is made of the brain and spinal cord
  4. what are the 4 parasympathetic preganglionic nuclei
  5. csf in the lateral ventricle is drained into the thrid ventricle via what structure
  1. a edwinger westphal, superior salvitory, inferior salvitory, dorsal vagul
  2. b feedback cycles
  3. c interventricular foramina of monro
  4. d central nervous system
  5. e paravertebral

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  1. soma
  2. diencephalon
  3. multipolar
  4. ipsilateral
  5. olfactory nerve

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  1. which type of glial cell is star shaped and provides physical support, transports nutrients, regulates ph and concentrationastrocytes


  2. what is known to prevent the backward movement of action potentialrefractory period


  3. which lamina in the grey matter control spinal reflexes and form the baselamina 5,6


  4. which part of the cns is responsible for non conscious motor controlforamina of luschka


  5. within the telecephalon what is shaped like a sea horse and vital to memoryhippocampus


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