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  1. tumult
  2. venerate
  3. indefatigable
  4. countenance
  5. instigate
  1. a to bring about by moving others to action; to stir up
  2. b appearance/facial expression
  3. c to respect deeply; revere
  4. d violent and noisy commotion
  5. e untiring, not yielding to fatigue

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  1. to hesistate or give way
  2. attendants of high ranking
  3. to make fun of; mock; refuse to take seriously
  4. tending to win over
  5. fundamental; necessary to learn first; basics

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  1. zealota person totally devoted to a purpose or cause


  2. impendingwaiting is a secret way


  3. apathylack of interest or emotion


  4. collaborateto work together on a project; cooperate in an effort


  5. irrepressibleincapable of being held back


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