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  1. Allay
  2. Mottled
  3. Boisterous
  4. Squalor
  5. Reticence
  1. a Marked with spots or smears of color
  2. b (Noun) Not revealing one's thoughts or feelings readily
  3. c (Verb) diminish or put at rest
  4. d (Adjective) noisy (person, event, or behavior)
  5. e (Noun) a state of being extremely dirt and unpleasant

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  1. Verb: to lecture (someone) at length in an aggressive and critical manner
  2. (Noun) a person who can endure pain without showing feelings
  3. (Verb) reject (someone) in an abrupt or ungracious manner
  4. To cause someone to be no longer affectionate
  5. adjective. implied without being stated

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  1. Disillusioned(Adjective) disappointed in someone of something that one discovers to be less good that one had believed


  2. Incessant(Adjective)showing luminous colors that seem to change when seen from different angles


  3. Delude(Verb) reject (someone) in an abrupt or ungracious manner


  4. Semblance(Noun) childishly sulky or bad-tempered


  5. RanklingDistressing


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