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  1. right prefrontal cerebral cortex
  2. 3 types of needs
  3. oxytocin
  4. biochemical agent
  5. cerebral cortex (frontal lobes)
  1. a withdraw motivational and emotional tendencies
  2. b is a bonding hormone and motivates the seeking of counsel, support, and nurturance of others during times of stress
  3. c ghrelin (a hormone produced and circulated in the blood stream)
  4. d making plans, setting goals, formulating intentions
  5. e are physiological, psychological, and social

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  1. was the first psychologist the popularize the instinct theory
  2. it is relatively strong, intense, and persistant and is aimed toward acheiving a particular goal
  3. is the all encompassing theory that seeks to explain the full range of motivated action
  4. a desire to perform a behavior due to promised rewards or threats of punishment
  5. physiological study of the _________ proved an intellectual dead end as it became clear that "naming is not explaining"

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  1. intrinsic motivation isa desire to perform a behavior due to promised rewards or threats of punishment


  2. social needsthey are internalized learned from emotional and socialization histories ex., achievement, affiliation, intimacy, power


  3. need______ motivation rises and falls in responce to a host of factors, including hormones, external stimulation, external cues, cognitive scripts, sexual schemas, and evolutionary process


  4. incentives areany offering from one person given to another in exchange for his or her service or achievement


  5. testosteroneis a stress hormone associated with high sexual motivation and underlies the mating effort


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