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  1. City of Richmond v JA Croson Company
  2. Vision Statement
  3. Co-employment
  4. Group interview
  5. Rehabilitation Act
  1. a Vivid, guiding image of an organization's desired future.
  2. b Act that prohibits discrimination based on physical or mental disabilities.
  3. c 1989 court ruling that the numerical quota system of Richmond VA was unconstituional because the city had not laid the proper groundwork and had not adequately identified or documented discrimination.
  4. d Type of interview where multiple job candidates are interviewed by one or more interviewers at the same time or where multiiple people in an organization interview a single job candidate.
  5. e Situation in which an organization shares joint responsibility and liability for their alternative workers with an alternative staffing supplier; also known as joint employment.

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  1. Employees who are brought in to work in a headquarters country for a specified period of time.
  2. Systematic process by which a laid-off or terminated employee is counseled in the techniques of career self-appraisal and in securing a new job that is appropiate to his or her talents and needs.
  3. Agencies that provide employee screening, testing, and referral at no cost to the employer.
  4. Expected distribution given a random sampling of people across a large population.
  5. Analysis that shows point in time at which total revenue associated with a program is equal to the total cost of the program.

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  1. Meritor Savings Bank v. VinsonProcess that measures the degree to which an employee accomplishes work requirements.


  2. Placement GoalsObjectives or targets in an affirmative action plan that are set when the percentage of minorities or women in a job group is less than reasonably expected given their availability.


  3. Horn effectModification of the Constitution or a law; may be either formalwritten) or informalunwritten).


  4. Grutter v. BollingerCase in which Supreme Court held that University of Michigan's law school admission program was sufficiently "narrowly tailored" to consider race as a factor in admission dicisions in order to achieve goal of a diverse student body.


  5. Job group analysisLevel of learning at which the learner is able to respond to new situations and determine trouble-shooting techniques and solutions.


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