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  1. Physical weathering
  2. divergent boundary
  3. Crust
  4. Weathering
  5. Chemical weathering
  1. a plates pull apart
  2. b The outermost layer of the earth
  3. c the breakdown of rocks as a result of chemical reactions, causing new substances to be formed
  4. d the process by which rocks are gradually broken down
  5. e the breakdown of large pieces of rocks into smaller ones, mainly by temperature and pressure changes

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  1. plates that slide past each other in opposite direction
  2. crack in the earth's plates along which movement occurs
  3. horizontal layers of material
  4. solid rock layer beneather the subsoil
  5. the circular movement of heated materials to a cooler area

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  1. topsoillayer of soil beneath the topsoil


  2. inorganicconsisting of compounds that contain carbon


  3. Lithospherethe upper layer of soil


  4. Inner Corethe very dense solid center of the earth


  5. plate tectonicsthe process by which rocks are gradually broken down


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