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  1. Abstruse
  2. Sojourn
  3. cupidity
  4. Licentious
  5. Rigmarole
  1. a a temporary stay N/V
  2. b vague, difficult to understand. ADJ
  3. c eager or excessive desire especially to possess something, greed, avarice. N
  4. d meaningless talk. N
  5. e lacking in moral restraint. AJD

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  1. cause to feel drained of energy or vitality V
  2. to say something or plead
  3. swiftness, speed N
  4. to give a false impression of. V
  5. find fault with V

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  1. annulempty and insubstantial, lacking meaning. ADJ


  2. cankeran evil cancer, menace, or bane N, to infect, to corrupt the spirit V


  3. Reprisalthe act of gaining something, something given or paid for, restitution, a retaliatory act. N


  4. votaryan enthusiast, devotee, a devoted admirer N


  5. Abdicateto cast off or discard, esp. a duty renounce office. V


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