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  1. mire
  2. dubious
  3. garble
  4. profuse
  5. sever
  1. a extravagant, lavish, bounteous, plenteous
  2. b questionable, suspect, unsettled, undecided
  3. c cut off, amputate, break off, dissolve,
  4. d jumble scramble confuse misrepresent
  5. e marsh, swamp, bog, slough

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  1. turn down, reject, decline, snub, repudiate
  2. explore, scrutinize; inquuiry, detector
  3. ad-lib, play it by year, wing it, extemporize
  4. inner circle, coterie
  5. notice, discern, understand

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  1. subversiveS: treasonous, traitorous, a revolutionary


  2. boorishvulgar, crude, uncouth, ill-mannered, gauche


  3. squandermisspend dissipate


  4. lithespur, kindle, provoke, instigate, prompt


  5. dormantblithe jaunty lighthearted animated


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