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  1. Depravity
  2. Sufficed
  3. Appendage
  4. Conjectural
  5. Prerogative
  1. a sufficient
  2. b wickedness
  3. c based on guesswork
  4. d an external part
  5. e a privilege

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  1. A term first used by Gertrude Stein to describe the post-World War 1 generation of American writers: men and women haunted by a sense of betrayal and emptiness brought about by the destructiveness of war.
  2. At end of Revolutionary War people became more culturally independent. Placed Value on intuition and looked at the individual. Stressed the potential for human progress and spiritual growth.
  3. Usually exaggerated incidents or events are described by a narrator or storyteller in a very serious tone. By taking a matter-of-fact, impassive, expressionless tone, the narrator implies that he/she has no idea how ridiculous his/her tale is to the audience.
  4. Writers attempted to capture the essence of modern life in both the form and content of their work. Uncertainty, bewilderment, and apparent meaninglessness were common themes in modern literature. Writers abandoned the traditional plot, structure and structured stories to reflect fragmentation of human experience.
  5. to take value away from the whole

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  1. Wretchedseperate


  2. Apprehensionexpectation of misfortune


  3. Discerningexhibiting keen insights and good judgement


  4. Surmisedsufficient


  5. Satireabsolute


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