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  1. endo=
  2. pineal gland
  3. parathyroid abbreviation?
  4. anterior lobe also known as
  5. thymus
  1. a produces melotonin CNS
  2. b PTH
  3. c within
  4. d adenohypophysis
  5. e thymosin

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  1. LOWER blood glucose levels, carries sugar from "blood to cells"
  2. stimulates milk production
  3. testosterone
  4. not enough sugar in blood
  5. parathormone

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  1. eu/thyroidgood or normal levels of T4, T3


  2. cortisol (a glucocorticoid) function is?regulates glucose, fat and protein metabolism; raises glucose levels in response to stress


  3. prolactin PRL target tissuestimulates milk production


  4. norepinephrines functions?constrict blood vessels to raise blood pressure


  5. hypophysis is located heresella turcica of sphenoid bone


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