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  1. nonlinear graph
  2. Weather
  3. plate tectonics
  4. chemical weathering
  5. stalactite
  1. a the condition of the atmosphere in a particular place at a particular time
  2. b is a process in which rock is broken down by chemical reactions
  3. c a curve connects the data points that are plotted
  4. d the theory that pieces of the Earth's lithosphere move slowly on top of the asthenosphere
  5. e a calcite deposit that hangs from the roof of a cave

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  1. flat layers of clouds that cover much or all of the sky
  2. forms when underground erosion results in entire portions of ground suddenly collapsing
  3. formed from the remains of once living organims
  4. the mechanical advantage in the absence of friction
  5. the total distance traveled divided by the time it takes to travel that distance

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  1. P wavesprimary waves that are longitudinal and thravel through both solids & liquids


  2. colora bend in layers of rock


  3. crustthe rocky outer layer of the Earth


  4. energythe ability to do work


  5. volcanic neckitems not produced by living things


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