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  1. timorous
  2. majordomo
  3. Canard
  4. polemical
  5. revel
  1. a a deliberately misleading story
  2. b a chief butler or assistant
  3. c to enjoy; to take pleasure in
  4. d relating to controversy or argument
  5. e timid

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  1. to plunder and pillage
  2. uncompromising; refusing to moderate
  3. to express oneself enthusiastically
  4. indicated but not expressed; implied silently
  5. likely

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  1. sepulchera cure-all; a remedy for all diseases


  2. epiphanya revelation; sudden knowledge or insight


  3. bulwarka defensive wall or embankment


  4. perquisiterequired; necessary


  5. physiognomyfacial features


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