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  1. Faze
  2. Wrangle
  3. Lionize
  4. Tirade
  5. Churlish
  1. a to win or obtain by argument
  2. b long, violent speech; verbal assault
  3. c boorish or vulgar
  4. d to bother, upset, or disconcert
  5. e to treat as a celebrity

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  1. to free from a tangled or difficult situation
  2. intensely passionate; passionate
  3. being everywhere simultaneously
  4. fiendish; wicked
  5. deception, dishonestly, double-dealing

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  1. Martinetstrict disciplinarian, one who rigidly follows rules


  2. Obtrusivepushing, too conspicuous


  3. Quackfaker; one who falsely claims to have a medical skill


  4. Rhetoricart of using language skillfully


  5. Lugubrioussorrowful, mournful; dismal


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