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  1. Garnishment
  2. Leniency errors
  3. Resume
  4. Public comment period
  5. Range
  1. a Distance between highest and lowest scores in a set of data.
  2. b Occurs when a creditor obtains a court order requiring an employer to attach an employee's earnings in order to pay back a debt.
  3. c Document prepared by job candidate (or professional hired by candidate) to highlight candidate's strengths and experience.
  4. d Time allowed for the public to express its views and concerns regarding an action of a regulatory agency.
  5. e Errors that are the result of appraisers who don't want to give low scores.

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  1. Form of budgeting in which the prior budget is the basis for allocation of funds.
  2. Series of tasks and activities that has a stated goal and objectives, a schedule with defined start and end dates, and a budget that sets limits on the use of monetary and human resources.
  3. Case in which Supreme Court held that Age Discrimination in Employment Act authorizes recovery on a disparate impact theory but with narrrower scope than that provided under Title VII.
  4. Written request asking contractors to propose solutions and prices that fit customer's requirements.
  5. Group of persons or objects or a complete set of observations or measurements about which one wishes to draw conclusions.

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  1. Secondary researchUses data already gathered by others and reported in various sources.


  2. EvaluationLevel of learning characterized by ability to make judgments.


  3. PercentileTo an operations department, an after-the-fact evaluation of a company's ability to meet its own specifications and its customers' needs.


  4. CapacityTo an operations department, the ability to yield output.


  5. Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection ProceduresProcedural document designed to assist employers in complying with federal regulations prohibiting discrimination.


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