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  1. WWI
  2. Union
  3. assembly line
  4. Francis Scott Key
  5. Transcontinental Railroad
  1. a The railroad that stretched from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific
  2. b this helped make cars more affordable
  3. c World War I lasted from 1914-1918
  4. d soldiers, sometimes called "Yankees", wore blue and fought for the North
  5. e the site of the battle torn flag inspired him to write the national anthem

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  1. a freed black woman from New York who spoke out against slavery
  2. defeated the Mexican army and gave Texas its independence
  3. nations most popular engineer, died at the throtle trying to save passengers
  4. 6 million Jews were murdered
  5. a young school teacher from Massachusetts that invented of the cotton gin

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  1. Zimmermann NotePresident Wilson kept USA neutral first 3 yrs of the war


  2. spiritualsAmerica's greatest contribution to the field of music


  3. 3 Great English Evangelista Democrat who sought to pass bill which would allow new U.S. settlers to own slaves


  4. "melting pot"Booker T. Washington built this school to educate black students on learning how to support themselves and prosper


  5. Clara Bartonfounded the American National Red Cross


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