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  1. zambezi river
  2. great rift valley
  3. Enclave
  4. sierra leone
  5. Lesotho
  1. a Country completely surrounded by another country.
  2. b british colony founded for former slaves
  3. c the river that flows over victoria falls
  4. d An enclave in South Africa.
  5. e looks like a steep walled gash in the continent

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  1. a bite from an infected ____________ can cause sleeping sickness
  2. the newest country (nation) in africa
  3. First black president of South Africa.
  4. most industrialized country in africa
    known for its gold and diamonds
    first free election was in 1994
  5. largest river system in africa south of the sahara

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  1. HarmattanWind from the Sahara during winter months.


  2. the sahelused for grasing animals
    has large land areas but small populations
    islam is the most practiced religion here


  3. AfrikanersDutch, German, Belgian, and French settlers in South Africa.


  4. GenocideThe deliberate murder of a group of people because of their race or culture.


  5. DeforestationThe end of slavery.


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