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  1. potentate
  2. Moribund
  3. rhapsodize
  4. lex
  5. protege
  1. a Near death; about to die
  2. b to express oneself enthusiastically
  3. c a person under the guidance or training of another
  4. d a monarch; one who has great power
  5. e word

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  1. a portion or part of something
  2. to give in response to receiving
  3. Exaggerated emotional behavior
  4. persistent
  5. a regret

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  1. wizenedshriveled or withered from age or illness


  2. inculcateto impress upon or teach someone by repetition


  3. panaceaa cure-all


  4. epiphanya portion or part of something


  5. inin or not


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