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  1. self-report
  2. fMRI
  3. psychological needs
  4. will (bodily desires)
  5. 3 types of needs
  1. a are physiological, psychological, and social
  2. b they are inherent within the strivings of human nature and heathly development ex., autonomy, competence, relatedness
  3. c is primitive, impulsive, biological, and reative
  4. d it assesses brain function by sampling blood flow over time and produces "movies" of participants brain activity while they perform certain tasks
  5. e is information provided by a person, such as through a survey or interview

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  1. is a stress hormone associated with high sexual motivation and underlies the mating effort
  2. external, introjected, identified, and intergrated
  3. they are internalized learned from emotional and socialization histories ex., achievement, affiliation, intimacy, power
  4. mood, volition, making choices
  5. approach motivational and emotional tendancies

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  1. external regulation of motivationstimulated hypothalamus creates the psychological experience of hunger


  2. behaviour___________ and eating involve a complex regulatory system of both short term and long term regulation


  3. aroused motivationa desire to perform a behavior due to promised rewards or threats of punishment


  4. amygdaladetecting and responding to threat and danger (ex., via fear, anger, and anxiety)


  5. pysiological needsghrelin (a hormone produced and circulated in the blood stream)


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