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  1. inoculation
  2. endospores
  3. microbiology
  4. cell wall
  5. streak plate
  1. a involves diluting the bacterial cells in a sample to an end point where a single cell divides giving rise to single pure colony
  2. b A rigid structure that surrounds the cells of plants and most bacteria
  3. c injecting a person with a small dose of a virus to help build up defenses to a disease
  4. d A thick-walled protective spore that forms inside a bacterial cell and resists harsh conditions
  5. e the study of microorganisms

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  1. a sticky outer coat for some prokaryotes
  2. the interval between exposure to infection and the appearance of the first symptom
  3. it needs oxygen, but can only tolerate low concentrations of it.
  4. an organism that can grow in, or favors environments that have very high salt concentrations
  5. 1.Incoulate 2.Incubate 3. Isolation 4.Inspection 5. Identification

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  1. fluorescenceproposed classifying all life into three domains


  2. aerobicprocess that requires oxygen


  3. agarsolid media used for growing bacteria, fungi, plant, or other cells


  4. mesophilebacteria that survives in temperatures from 45 C-110 C; grows in very hot conditions


  5. Linnaeusmaterial spread on a surface (as of a microscopic slide)


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