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  1. intergrated circuit
  2. icons
  3. computer based training (CBT)
  4. travel and mapping software
  5. public domain
  1. a enables users to to view maps, determine route directions and locate points of ineterest
  2. b type of education which students learn by using and completing exercises with instructional software
  3. c desktop programs
  4. d no one owns, old software you can use for free
  5. e numerous electrical pathways and elements such as resistors, capacitors, and transistors.

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  1. used to identify audio and video ports
  2. is a number system that has just two unique digits, 0 and 1
  3. includes dasic calculations like adding, subtracting, and dividing
  4. software that teaches a particular skill
  5. describes web application and refers to web sites that provide users with a means to share info, allow users to modify web site content and/or have application software built into the site for visitors to use

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  1. multi-core processora single chip with two or more separate processor cores.


  2. memory slotson the motherboard and holds memory modules


  3. word wrapwill display the results of calculations. allow one to preform the calculations using data in the cells.


  4. "what you see is what you get."indicates that the program shows final results.


  5. marginstext to identitfy the data


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