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  1. squelch
  2. tyranny
  3. tumult
  4. cynical
  5. controversies
  1. a violent and noisy commotion
  2. b to silence or suppress; crush
  3. c prolonged arguments, debate
  4. d harsh government or rule of an absolute ruler
  5. e pessimistic, sarcastic

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  1. superior, above all others
  2. incapable of being held back
  3. Clever, intelligent
  4. tending to win over
  5. a person totally devoted to a purpose or cause

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  1. apathylack of interest or emotion


  2. retrospectdownhearted; hopeless; overwhelmed


  3. rudimentaryable to recover quickly from harm, illness, or misfortune


  4. indefatigableto bring about by moving others to action; to stir up


  5. posthumouslyviolent and noisy commotion


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