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  1. truant
  2. Effrontery
  3. amity
  4. wile(s)
  5. Spurious
  1. a friendship, peaceful harmony, mutual peace between nations. N
  2. b gall, impudence. N
  3. c late ADJ
  4. d a trick intended to ensnare or deceive N
  5. e outwardly similar but not genuine, false, deceitful. ADJ

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  1. easily understood, intelligible, rational, clear. ADJ
  2. small in number or quantity, shortage or want N
  3. swiftness, speed N
  4. calm and subdued ADJ
  5. to act as judge between two parties, to decide V

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  1. Elucidateto face or release from entanglement V


  2. presageto foreshadow V something that portends or foreshadows. an omen N


  3. Consonantin agreement or harmony with something ADJ


  4. furtivelyeager or excessive desire especially to possess something, greed, avarice. N


  5. scurvyirritably sullen in mood or manner, grumpy ADJ


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