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  1. skeleton
  2. scale
  3. shallow
  4. somber
  5. shelter
  1. a adj. having a short distance between the top and the bottom
  2. b v. to climb to the top of something; a series of markings or divisions at regular intervals, for use in measuring; a measuring device with such markings
  3. c adj. very solemn or serious
  4. d n. a place giving protection from bad weather or danger; provide with shelter
  5. e n. an internal or external framework of bone

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  1. v. to make very wet
  2. v. to move hurriedly with short quick steps; n. an act of or the sound of scurrying
  3. n. worn out or scruffy
  4. adj. occurring or done at the same time
  5. adj. gracefully thin

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  1. slipperyv. to shake slightly from fear or excitement


  2. schemev. to fasten or tighten; n. a metal pin with a spiral thread running around it


  3. severv. to cut off or divide by cutting


  4. sanctuaryn. a holy or sacred place; a place of private refuge or retreat


  5. satiricaladj. containing or using satire


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